Mouse Pads, Tablets and Laminated Charts




Psychrometric Mouse Pads [ Size: 8" x 5 3/4" x 3/16" ]

  Traditional Mouse Pad

  All OEM Psychrometric Charts Available

  Only $20 !!!


Laminated Psychrometric Charts [Size: 12" x 18" or 9" x 12" ]

  Heavy 110 lb Paper with Heavy 10 mil Gloss or Matte Lamination

  Full Color Front and "How-To-Use-The-PsychChart" on Back

  All OEM Psychrometric Charts Available

  Only $10 for 12"x18" or $7 for 9"x12"


Psychrometric Chart Tablets [Size: 11" x 8 1/2" x 1/4" ]

  20 Sheet Count, black & white charts.

  All OEM Psychrometric Charts Available

  Only $12 each!!!








HDPsyChart produces the highest quality psychrometric charts in the world. The charts are drawn with the un-matched accuracy level of the HDPsyTech DLL engine.

The quality level is simply exquisiteHDPsyChart allows for complete psychrometric and process analysis, all graphically displayed on beautiful charts with unmatched accuracy. HDPsyChart also provides a professional state point and process report detailing all of the psychrometric and process values.

Both IP and SI units are fully supported by HDPsyChart.

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The HDMakeUpAir outside air energy estimation program provides detail and precise outside air energy estimations for conditioning outside air.

HDMakeUpAir performs a detailed estimate analysis for thousands of locations all over the USA and throughout the world.

HDMakeUpAir is extremely flexible, allowing the user to specify energy efficiencies including kW/ton and/or COP and costs for both electric and gas utilities.

In addition, HDMakeUpAir allows the user to select either Sensible or Total Energy Recovery devices, and input the device effectiveness percent along with the device's associated static pressure drop, so a proper evaluation of benefit can be conducted.

In addition, HDMakeUpAir provides the user extreme flexibility in specifying the operation schedule, so months, days per week and hours per day can ll be individually selected or de-selected for the analysis.

In addition, HDMakeUpAir gives the user the flexibility to specify Free (waste) Re-Heating (i.e.: Hot Gas Re-Heating from a compressor) and/or Free (waste) Pre-Heating, allowing the user to easily evaluate the benefits of such solutions.

In addition, HDMakeUpAir gives the user the flexibility to specify Belt Driven air moving or Direct Drive air moving, allowing the user to easily see the estimated energy saving benefits of direct-drive systems over belt driven systems.

In addition, HDMakeUpAir can perform a complete dry-bulb or enthalpy economizer cooling energy saving analysis.

HDMakeUpAir reports and graphs include a detailed Summary Report and detailed graphs including Total Expense, Electric Expense, Gas Expense, Cooling Expense, Heating Expense, Humidifying Expense, Air Moving Expense, Total Electric Usage, Cooling Electric Usage, Heating Electric Usage, Humidifying Electric Usage, Air Moving Electric Usage, Total Gas Usage, Heating Gas Usage, Humidifying Gas Usage, Total Cooling Load, Motor Heat Load, Net Cooling Load, Humidification Load, Total Heating Load, Total Pre- Heat Load,  Motor Pre-Heat Load, Heater Pre-Heat Load, Total Re-Heat Load, Motor Re-Heat Load and Heater Re-Heat Load.

All HDMakeUpAir reports and graphs can be saved as PDF for easy emailing and/or can be copied to the Windows clipboard for pasting into other applications (i.e.: Word, PowerPoint, etc.)

Both IP and SI units are fully supported by HDMakeUpAir.

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The HDPsyTech psychrometric calculator provides superior moist air property accuracy.

HDPsyTech calculates properties for extreme ranges in dry bulb, humidity ratio, altitude or pressure. 

HDPsyTech provides psychrometric values based on either IP or SI units of measure. Project files can be saved and opened.  This powerful tool provides a complete state point grid and state point report.

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HDClimatic provides easy PC based outside air design conditions for over 1,459 domestic and international locations. 

Winter Heating, Summer Cooling and Wind Data are all based on ASHRAE's 1997 Fundamentals Handbook and are displayed on a single window for easy viewing.

Drop-down selection boxes allow the user to quickly view any psychrometric design variable desired.

Both IP and SI Units are provided as well as cities all over the world in most countries.




HDFreshAir provides fresh air estimates based on ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004.

This design tools provides guidance when determining approximate outside air volumes recommended to provide proper indoor air quality.

HDFreshAir is a reflection of Table 6.1 from ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004.

Both IP and SI units are fully supported by HDFreshAir.




HDAcoustic accepts source sound power levels in the standard octave bands and based on geometries and construction of the housing plenum, estimates sound power levels at openings in the plenum or air handling unit, as well as estimating radiated sound power levels. 

While standard absorption and TL coefficients are pre-loaded in the program, HDAcoustic is extremely flexible, allowing you to input your own custom coefficients providing acoustical estimates for any plenum or AHU construction.

Multiple sound sources and multiple openings are fully supported by HDAcoustic.





HDConvert provides IP (inch-pound or english) units of measure to SI (standard international) units of measure conversions.

Unit conversions include length, area, volume, pressure, velocity, flow rates, weights, concentrations, energy, power, angles, rotation speed and more.

HDConvert provides the user the ability to Add / Edit / Delete unit of measure conversions, enabling an unlimited conversion capability.

User controlled tab management is provided.






HDComfort predicts human thermal response to the environment using several thermal comfort models, including PMV-PPD, ET*-DISC. 

HDComfort allows you to calculate the predicted thermal comfort for a human at a point in space. 

The program references ASHRAE Standard 55 and ISO Standard 7730.

Both IP and SI units are fully supported by HDComfort.





HDDuctDesigner allows you to calculate quick and accurate answers for duct size and/or pressure drops.

HDDuctDesigner calculations can be performed at Standard Air Conditions, or calculated based on Actual Air (corrected for temperature, humidity and altitude).

HDDuctDesigner performs calculations for Round, Rectangular and Oval Ducts and for virtually any length of duct.

Both IP and SI units are fully supported by HDDuctDesigner.





HDBinWeather allows you to easily create your own bin tables, customized for the hours of interest. HDBinWeather is provided with a complete hourly weather data listing of all the global locations from TMY3, IWEC and CWEC files.

HDBinWeather allows you to easily perform energy analysis models based on weather data at the design location, or calculate ventilation loads or create joint frequency tables. HDBinWeather data is comma delimited and can easily be imported into Excel or any text editor for analysis.

Both IP and SI units are fully supported by HDBinWeather.

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HDEvapCool allows you to easily obtain evaporative or "swamp" cooling performance in seconds. HDEvapCool properly corrects for altitude and allows the user to specify cooler size and calculates effectiveness, or the user can specify effectiveness and HDEvapCool calculates the cooler size needed.


Both IP and SI units are fully supported by HDEvapCool.




HDElectHeat allows you to easily obtain electric heater performance in seconds. HDElectHeat properly corrects for altitude and allows the user to specify heater size and input either leaving air temperature or heating kW. HDElectHeat also checks design for safety parameters such as watt density.


Both IP and SI units are fully supported by HDEvapCool.


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