Complete Psychrometric Calculator with File-Open-Save capabilities and outputs in either IP or SI units.



All Psychrometric fields are visible on the screen simultaneously and can be an input or a calculated value.

Values in either IP or SI units.

File-Open-Save project management including current point and saved points.

HDPsyTech Window on top (on/off).

Expand to a grid to view full saved point psychrometric properties. (see graphic below)

Output to Printer or Print Preview.

Copy grid psychrometric properties to clipboard to paste into Excel, Lotus, Word, etc..


Column data control with complete turn on/off and resize options.  Program automatically remembers all settings.


Psychrometric DLL engine is available. No support files required. 



Complete Psychrometric Property Grid saving point-by-point, complete project naming and point management capabilities with Windows standard File-Open-Save.


Complete Psychrometric Property Report for Printing or Auto-PDF Creation for emailing.




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