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Hands Down Software is an HVAC SOFT INC Company


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Hands Down Software is constituted of engineering and software development professionals with experience spanning over three decades. Our staff's diverse experience includes extensive knowledge in psychrometric property algorithms and process modeling, standard and extended refrigeration effects (i.e. trans-critical cycles), automated design and manufacturing systems (automatic cad drawing file and dxf/cnc tape file generation), air moving and acoustical modeling, energy analysis, product design software and more. At Hands Down, our customers and staff are our most valuable assets.


Engineering Qualifications

Our engineering staff qualifications are education levels that include Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. BSME education levels are combined with decades of industry engineering experience.


Software Development Qualifications

Our software development resource qualifications are education levels that include multiple years of advanced education in the area of information technology. Our staff includes Microsoft Certified professionals with vast experience in developing professional software for a variety of industries and applications.




Hands Down Software's vision is to supply the HVAC/R industry with world class quality, state-of-the-art engineering software. We will do this using leading edge technology and the skills of the most knowledgeable engineering and software development staff in the world.


Code of Ethics

Hands Down Software's purpose is the advancement of the art and science of the heating, refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation industries. Our conduct will demonstrate honesty, fairness, courtesy, competence and integrity. Our professional practices will include offering services that are only in the areas of our core competencies, issuing public statements in a truthful manner and honoring the confidentiality of our clients and employees.



Hands Down Software's mission is to provide the most powerful psychrometric software tools in the world in our pursuit of global domination of psychrometric calculations for planet earth.






Our History


Our first psychrometric chart was produced in 1987 for an Oklahoma University Mechanical Engineering course. Perfect gas approximations were written into Quick Basic to calculate the X-Y data points and manually plotted. The resultant chart can be seen in the photo taken to the right.

By 1992, psychrometrics had become such a passion that we continued our efforts to produce the best charts possible. Microsoft continued to expand the capabilities of their spreadsheet software known as Excel.  Macro, functions and formulae sophistications capabilities expanded, and as they did, we began to build our first truly electronic psychrometric charts.




Bob Hanna, founder of Hands Down Software in 1987.

Our first psychrometric chart in the background.


In 1993, we produced stand alone psychrometric calculators written in DOS Compiler Basic using the 1993 ASHRAE Fundamental coefficients and the perfect gas approximations. 


In 1995, we began using a new Microsoft platform called Visual Basic 3.0. Visual Basic allowed us to combine our Excel charts and stand alone DOS psychrometric calculators into one product.

















Our first Microsoft Visual Basic psychrometric chart and

stand-alone psychrometric calculator in 1995.




Our professional office environment is perfect for stimulating the creative and engineering juices needed to continue to expand and improve our software product suite and programming services.



 Hands Down Software Headquarters;  Oklahoma City, OK  ~  USA

Regional Office locations include Norman, OK and Salida, CO ~  USA



We are "The Global Psychrometric Source" providing psychrometric  tools to  thousands of engineers, scientists, contractors and educators. HDPsyChart is used in a multitude of countries on every continent throughout the world.  We are the only psychrometric software that supports over 20 different languages!!

Hands Down Software is an HVAC SOFT INC Company


We are...

 "The GOLD STANDARD for Psychrometric CalculationsSM "!


Bob Hanna

President, Hands Down Software


We are also very honored to have been selected as the company to produce the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers ) psychrometric charts as well as Dr. Willis Carrier's psychrometric charts.


We are...

"The Global Psychrometric SourceSM "!


Bob Hanna

President, Hands Down Software


Our customers include thousands of the major HVAC/R manufacturing companies, major consulting engineering firms and major universities and scientists throughout the world on every continent.



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