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Diamond System Builder - Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Equipment Selection Software


Mitsubishi Electric, U.S., (ME) a division of Mitsubishi Companies, includes a number of divisions including its Heating & Cooling Division.
Carmel Software has been hired by Mitsubishi Electric to develop a customized Windows-based variable refrigerant flow (VRF) equipment selection software tool. It allows users to layout all models of Mitsubishi Electric indoor and outdoor units (both commercial and residential HVAC equipment), export information to Excel and AutoCAD, and specify controls layouts. It performs all of the complex performance derates and checks that the VRF system is properly designed within the required constraints and ME rulesets. For example, it takes into account the relationship of all of the equipment, ambient and indoor air conditions, piping lengths, height differences, and much more. There are so many features to this application.
Here is a list of a couple of the major ones:
  1. Provides users an interactive graphical user interface to layout schematics of all the available ME system types
  2. Performs ruleset checks as the user is designing the system to ensure that it is a valid one
  3. Allows users to layout the equipment controls both locally and system-wide
  4. Allows users to design multiple systems within one project
  5. Displays quick results at all times so users can see how performance is affected when adding new devices
  6. Allows users to customize the layout of the screen and save those layouts for future use
  7. PDF spec sheets can be displayed for many of the devices from within the software tool
  8. All system and controls information can be exported to Excel, PDF, text, and AutoCAD formats
  9. Includes a database of hundreds of thousands of ME equipment, devices, derate curves, and more
  10. The local lookup database can be synchronized with a "cloud" version of the lookup database so all ME equipment information is always up to date
  11. Allows users to save projects as XML files so that projects can be shared with other DSB users
  12. Can input and display either English or Metric units
  13. Can be localized for 15+ regions worldwide (i.e. - Spanish, French, German, Russian, and more..)
Below are some screenshots of the U.S version of this software that was released on April 1, 2013 and most recently updated in February 2014:


HVAC VRF Selection Software
HVAC VRF Selection Software
HVAC VRF Selection Software
HVAC VRF Selection Software
HVAC VRF Selection Software
HVAC VRF Selection Software
HVAC VRF Selection Software
HVAC VRF Selection Software
HVAC VRF Selection Software

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