HD BinWeather Bin Weather Data Tables

HDBinWeather allows you to easily create your own bin tables, customized for the hours of interest. HDBinWeather is provided with a complete hourly weather data listing of all the global locations from TMY3, IWEC and CWEC files.

HDBinWeather allows you to easily perform energy analysis models based on weather data at the design location, or calculate ventilation loads or create joint frequency tables. HDBinWeather data is comma delimited and can easily be imported into Excel or any text editor for analysis.

Both IP and SI units are fully supported by HDBinWeather.


  • CTZ2 California Climate Zones 2
  • CWEC Canadian Weather for Energy Calculations
  • CIBSE Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers*
  • CSWD Chinese Standard Weather Data
  • CTYW Chinese Typical Year Weather
  • CityUHK City University of Hong Kong
  • ETMY Egyptian Typical Meteorological Year
  • ISHRAE Indian Weather Data from the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
  • IWEC International Weather for Energy Calculations
  • IGDG Italian Climatic data collection "Gianni De Giorgio"
  • INETI Synthetic data for Portugal
  • ITMY Iranian Typical Meteorological Year
  • KISR Kuwait Weather Data from Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research
  • NIWA New Zealand Data from NIWA
  • RMY Australia Representative Meteorological Years
  • SWEC Spanish Weather for Energy Calculations
  • SWERA Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment
  • Technion Israel Weather Data
  • TMY3 Typical Meteorological Year 3
  • TMY2 Typical Meteorological Year 2
  • TMY Typical Meteorological Year
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