HD MakeUpAir Make Up (Outside) Air Energy Analysis Program

The HDMakeUpAir outside air energy estimation desktop software tool provides detailed and precise outside air energy estimations for conditioning outside air.

HDMakeUpAir performs a detailed estimate analysis for thousands of locations all over the USA and throughout the world. It is extremely flexible, allowing the user to specify energy efficiencies including kW/ton and/or COP and costs for both electric and gas utilities.

In addition, it allows the user to select either Sensible or Total Energy Recovery devices, and input the device effectiveness percent along with the device's associated static pressure drop, so a proper evaluation of benefit can be conducted.

Other Capabilities

  • Provides the user extreme flexibility in specifying the operation schedule, so months, days per week and hours per day can ll be individually selected or de-selected for the analysis.
  • Gives the user the flexibility to specify Free (waste) Re-Heating (i.e.: Hot Gas Re-Heating from a compressor) and/or Free (waste) Pre-Heating, allowing the user to easily evaluate the benefits of such solutions.
  • Gives the user the flexibility to specify Belt Driven air moving or Direct Drive air moving, allowing the user to easily see the estimated energy saving benefits of direct-drive systems over belt driven systems.
  • Can perform a complete dry-bulb or enthalpy economizer cooling energy saving analysis.
  • Reports and graphs include a detailed Summary Report and detailed graphs including
    • Total Expense
    • Electric Expense
    • Gas Expense
    • Cooling Expense
    • Heating Expense
    • Humidifying Expense
    • Air Moving Expense
    • Total Electric Usage
    • Cooling Electric Usage
    • Heating Electric Usage
    • Humidifying Electric Usage
    • Air Moving Electric Usage
    • Total Gas Usage
    • and more...
  • Reports and graphs can be saved as PDF for easy emailing and/or can be copied to the Windows clipboard for pasting into other applications (i.e.: Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Includes both IP and SI units
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