HD PsyTech Simple Psych Chart Calcs

This is a simple desktop psychrometric property calculator that allows you to input any properties and it will calculate the remaining psychrometric properties. Both IP and SI units are fully supported.

Overall Capabilities

  • All Psychrometric fields are visible on the screen simultaneously and can be an input or a calculated value.
  • Values in either IP or SI units.
  • File-Open-Save project management including current point and saved points.
  • HDPsyTech Window on top (on/off).
  • Expand to a grid to view full saved point psychrometric properties. (see graphic below)
  • Output to Printer or Print Preview.
  • Copy grid psychrometric properties to clipboard to paste into Excel, Word, etc.
  • Column data control with complete turn on/off and resize options. Program automatically remembers all settings.
  • Psychrometric DLL engine is available. No support files required.
  • Includes complete psychrometric property grid saving point-by-point, complete project naming and point management capabilities with Windows standard File-Open-Save.
  • Complete psychrometric property report for printing or auto-PDF creation for emailing.
Click the image below to view more app screenshots.

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